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Which are the most popular Gacha games?

What Exactly Is a “Gacha Games”?

A Gacha game is an online video game derived from gashapon (capsule toys) in Japan. Gacha games are typically free to play, and the core gameplay involves collecting virtual items or rewards (known as “cards”, “figures” or “monsters”) through purchase of digital items with real money. In the past year , there has been a steep growth on Gacha Games all over the world because after it has increased in popularity in Asia.

The most popular games were released between 2012 and 2016 . The first one is Puzzle & Dragons which debuted on 18th April 2012 and has earned tremendous success by generating more than $1 billion in revenue for its publisher, Gungho Online Entertainment since its release with currently having more than 10 million downloads worldwide. The game has brought so many people around the world with players coming from countries like Japan, South Korea, Taiwan and China.

Secondly is gacha games which started in 2013 . One of its popular games in the year 2017 which are still booming is Fate/Grand Order (Japanese: フェイト/グランドオーダー Hepburn: Feito Gurando Ōdā ?) developed by DELiGHTWORKS Co., Ltd, a Japanese video game developer based in Chiyoda, Tokyo that specializes in online mobile phone games.

It was released on Android on June 25, 2015 and iOS platform later on August 12th 2015 where its latest update version is 2.4.2 and English version is still in beta stage. The game has become a “social networking phenomenon” that reached over 5 million daily active users (DAU) as of April 2017 across Japan, France, China, Taiwan and Hong Kong . It has also been reported that the overall gross revenue from Fate/Grand Order has surpassed ¥ 1 billion (around $8.3 million USD).

The last gacha games are Puzzles & Dragons whose release date was on 16th July 2016 which was released by GungHo Online Entertainment where players could battle enemies using their cards can summon monsters to assist themselves in battles through matching three or more orbs of the same color vertically or horizontally using a touchscreen. There’s an interesting fact about it: it’s said that the game has been downloaded over 45 million times and it’s still popular nowadays.

And lastly is a gacha game that was released on 13th August 2015 which is Love Live! School idol paradise (Japanese: ラブライブ!スクールアイドルパラダイス Hepburn: Rabu raibu! Sukūru aidoru paradaisu?) where its developer and publisher are KLabGames and Bushiroad respectively .

The main characters of this game includes nine members from Otonokizaka High School’s idol group, μ’s. These people in the group are Honoka Kosaka, Kotori Minami, Umi Sonoda, Eli Ayase, Rin Hoshiz

Four Types Of Gacha Games On The Market Today

There are four main categories that  developers use to classify their product: Board Games, Role-Playing Games (RPG), Card Games and Action Games.

Each category has its own dynamics, meaning gacha game which is developed in board can differ greatly from a similar one in role-playing style. Let’s take a look at each of the gacha games categorized by their features and popularity among gamers worldwide:

1. Board Gacha Game

The most popular of all gacha games on the market today. This type of mobile game offers users to buy collectible cards that they will put on virtual board, just like playing real-life board game.

Users are awarded with random character or pieces as prizes for winning rounds. Board gacha games usually have very limited number of characters, making it an average choice if you want to get whole cast on your team.

2. Elements

– Board games are turn-based. Players take turns in game play, which can be played alone or with friends if they attend the same event. In order to move each piece you have to use one of your chips (usually one per round). You need more chips for moving pieces that are located at farther point from the starting point.

The main goal is to collect all characters and win rounds by gaining majority of chips on board before other players do. Because of this mechanic gacha games in board style usually work best when playing against other players online . Some developers offer an option for offline multiplayer, but it’s mostly limited to two players at most.

3. Ryuuou no Oshigoto! – White Dragon of the Seventh Heaven

This gacha game is one of the most popular board games in Asia for a good reason. Developers offer something new and exciting with every event they release, making it an excellent choice if you want to play one gacha game that never gets old. You can download this mobile app from App Store or Google Play .

Popularity/Success Rate: 4 stars out of 5 (top)

4. Card Game Gacha Games

The second most famous category among all gacha games on market today. This type of mobile game allows players to collect multiple items at once using only one real-life currency (usually paid). The strategy for collecting best cards is diverse and easy to grasp, which makes card gacha games very popular among both casual and competitive gamers. Eden, AFK Arena, Spirit Pledge, Date a Live, Arknights these are more best pouplar gacha games played in 2021.